About Mark and Ash

I met Ashley during an epic house party at CWU in 2003. Since then we have been inseparable. This is our story...

Mark Ashley, LLC a Seattle based Lifestyle Consulting company.

House Hunters yeah ya!

by Mark on December 13, 2012 36 Comments

Ash and I were on House Hunters. For more info visit the Seattle Cook or find Ash for Seattle real estate.

Seattle real estate from a local

by Mark on December 11, 2012 4 Comments

I just surprised Ash with a new website! Check it out for the coolest Seattle condos and Seattle real estate listings and news! Visit www.UrbanAshley.com

Just launched comic strip for 30!

by Mark on November 13, 2012 46 Comments

We are beginning to promote a screenplay we invested in called When We're 30. Check it out as '30' is adapted from screenplay to comic strip at When We're 30.

Seattle Commercial Stone

by Mark on October 17, 2012 42 Comments

Any stone project anywhere in the world. Contact Seattle Commercial Stone at CommercialStoneWork.com

30 days of blogging on our Seattle food blog

by Mark on March 12, 2012 44 Comments

Its a small milestone in a long journey...but our Seattle food blog theSeattlecook.com just celebrated 30 days of consistent blogging. Will see how long it lasts. Had a couple record days for traffic though.

Our cooking site is now live!

by Mark on February 14, 2012 43 Comments

Check out the real Seattle cookbook at theSeattleCook.com

We are shooting for 100 cooked recipes by end of 2012! Join us.

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